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Infinite Smiles at the Push of Button

Orthodontic inventory can often turn into an expensive headache. Nothing is more frustrating or more costly than running out of product while you have a patient in the chair. This is why OC Orthodontics created OrthoVend Max to address all of these issues and more. OrthoVend Max is a Simplified Inventory Management System that is fully automated and filled with brackets or wire. OrthoVend Max will securely store and track your inventory for you and maximize your cash flow!

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Pay As You Go

  • Nothing is charged until you vend. 

  • Reduce Overhead Costs (*no charge on OrthoVend restock shipments, paying as you go frees up capital for that new office chair you’ve always wanted!)

Secure Storage & Purchasing

  • A locked warehouse at the clinic location

  • Automatic Reordering

Choose your product

  • Vends brackets cases or wire packs

  • Can hold up to 128 full cases of Pitts21 PRO

  • Can hold up to 5 different wire sizes

Product Discount

  • Receive similar percentage discounts as current promo if you vend 40 cases or more per month


STOCKED WITH brackets and/or wires

Pitts21 PRO Case.jpg

Makes sense to save dollars.

Did you know that the OrthoVend is the longest-running promotion that OC Orthodontics has ever offered? The long-term benefits, to support the growth of practices, has withstood the test of time. It’s truly one of the best promotions in the industry! Save thousands of dollars, in inventory carrying costs, by removing up to 50% of your clinic's inventory investment.


Call or text:


OC Orthodontics Main Line


Customer Service: Dial #1

Accounts Receivable: Dial #3

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