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Join the OC Ambassador Program Now!

What is an OC Ambassador?

OC Ambassadors are part of a network of orthodontists with a progressive brand philosophy. Ambassadors share experiences and knowledge through social media, influencing others to finish with the best.

What Does an Ambassador Do?

  • Creates Social Media Posts

  • Engages with Online Users

  • Networks with Industry Peers

  • Influences Others Around the Globe


Why Sign-Up to Become an OC Ambassador?

Showing off your results when using the Pitts21 and Pitts Protocols increases brand awareness.

Your results-driven success will provide strong validation and initiate word-of-mouth conversations amongst your peers.


  • Event Discounts

  • Full Access to Educational Portal

  • Priority Status at OC Courses

  • Entry in Program Sweepstakes

  • Ambassador Merchandise

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