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Model: Hoang Thuc Diem, Photo courtesy of Dr. Hai Anh Vu

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Aesthetic Patients Want,


Doctors Expect

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The Clear21 system is designed to deliver consistent results using revolutionary aesthetic self-ligating bracket technology. Clear21 brackets are designed to provide the best precision in the industry. Add in early and precise 3D control and you have the tools you need to finish with the best, delivering stunning smiles in significantly shorter treatment time.

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Bidirectional Hook
Centered bidirectional hook on upper 3’s is designed for comfort, versatility and secure retention of auxiliaries

Designed for Strength & Aesthetics
Injection-molded using fine grain alumina ceramic for superior strength, stain resistance, and translucency

Unique Ligation System

The unique ligation system provides reliability and easy operation. Easily opened with a twist using our Quick-Turn Tool* and closed with a gloved finger or the tip of the Quick-Turn Tool. Proprietary processing of the Quick-Turn Tool tip prevents scuff marks on the ceramic surfaces of the bracket to maintain optimal aesthetics.

*Only use the Quick-Turn Tool to operate the ligating door. The use of other instruments might result in damage to the Clear21 bracket.

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Designed for Patient Comfort

Injection-molded with a smooth compound contoured labial surface and rounded corners to enhance patient comfort. Low profile designed into the labial surface of the bracket.

Early Precise 3D Contro

In combination with square wire treatment, the precision archwire slot provides earlier precise 3D control for torque, tip, and rotation. The key to effective 3D control is the precision of the slot and tighter pairing with the archwire. For example, a typical rectangular system would require the MD width of the door to be approximately 1.7 times wider than Clear21 to maintain equal rotation control.

Generous Under Tie-Wing Area

Supports early elastics and power chains.

Powerful benefits

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Designed to Reduce Treatment Tim

First and only aesthetic self-ligating system that provides 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.

Latest in Technology

Revolutionary square wire finishing uses 30-40% lighter forces* with greater control, comfort, and sliding mechanics.

Stunning Smiles

Progressive slot provides an intelligent balance of control and freedom of movement for effective sliding mechanics and outstanding finishing.

Control and Finishing

Predictable finishes in as few as 4 wires.

*Horizontal and vertical forces; compared to rectangular systems

Color Coded Alignment Guides

Color is applied to the recessed horizontal and long axis alignment guides to improve their viability during bracket placement. The color in the alignment guides and occlusal distal dot provide bracket identification.

.021 x .021 Square Slot

Early 3D Control, Faster Finishing

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The specially designed Quick-Turn Tool is a key component of the Clear21 System and is required to operate the ligating door. It provides smooth insertion and rotation for quick opening of bracket doors.

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Fast, comfortable wire changes
are a
Quick-Turn away

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Quick Turn Tool - Close.png
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Turn 90°

Clear21 - Quick Turn Open.png
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Start today with a 5 case Clear21 STarter Kit

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Download the Brochure

For more information about the Clear21 system, download the digital brochure. Click on the image or the button below to view and download.

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