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OC Ambassador Mentors

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Dr. Tom Pitts

Lead Mentor

Dr. Pitts is a world-renowned clinician, innovator, and lecturer. He is highly recognized for his continued teaching of orthodontic finishing and clinical excellence. Dr. Pitts teaches at the UNLV orthodontic department and is the founder of the well-respected Pitts Progressive Study Group and Pitts Masters’ in Finishing 2 year continuum.

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Dr. Duncan Brown

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Duncan Brown is a highly regarded international speaker and educator in passive ligation bracket systems. Dr. Brown teaches regularly at the University of Alberta and University of Manitoba and is also a Kodak/Carestream Dental speaker and consultant.

Wassim Bouzid 2019.jpg
Dr. Wassim Bouzid

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Bouzid was a member of the second Pitts Master Program, has published multiple articles, is a professional photographer, and is certified in Digital Smile Design. Dr. Bouzid goes beyond straight teeth to create the most aesthetically pleasant smiles possible.

Dr Jorge Gutierrez BG.jpg
Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Gutiérrez is currently the Postgraduate Program Coordinator Orthodontics and Professor at UJS. He also has a private practice in Mexico City, as well as a Fellow of the WFO. He was personally trained by Dr. Pitts on Smile Arc Protection (SAP)and the advanced concepts in Pitts Protocol. Has lectured in several countries on biomechanics management with miniscrews and non-extraction treatment in complex cases.

Dr. Dwight Frey.jpg
Dr. Dwight Frey

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Frey graduated with honors from the
University of Michigan and from
Northwestern University Dental School. He completed a General Practice Residency Program at the University of Colorado Health Science Center before obtaining his Specialty degree in Orthodontics from Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.

Dr. Sabrina Huang 2.jpg
Dr. Sabrina Huang

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Huang practices in Tainan, Taiwan and has lectured internationally on the passive self-ligation System and advanced mechanics. She shares many tips essential for maximizing the potential of the PSL system. In private practice she has become known for undertaking difficult and unusual cases—from which she has learned some very advanced ideas and applied them successfully, achieving  great finished cases. Many of those will be included in her lectures.

Csiki 3.jpg
Dr. Peter Csiki

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Csiki practices in Budapest (Hungary) and in Milan (Italy). In 2004 he started to work with passive self-ligation, he’s been teaching as PSL speaker since 2008. He’s also an expert in TAD, lingual braces and Invisalign treatment. He is an honorary associate professor at the University of Szeged. He's a member of the Pitts Progressive Study Group and took his Master degree in 2014 after taking part in the Pitts Masters Continuum program.

Dr Manuel Pesqueira 2.jpg
Dr. Manuel Pesqueira

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Manuel Pesqueira graduated in dentistry at Alfonso X University, Madrid. Then got his Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Alcala de Henares. He has his private practices in Valladolid and Barcelona.

Dr Cesar Reyes 2.png
Dr. Cesar Reyes

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Cesar Reyes' specialty in orthodontics at ULA Mexico. He exclusively practices in passive self-ligating system with more than 10 years of experience in self-ligating. 

He is a clinical speaker at international conferences

Active member in:

- World Federation of Orthodontics

- Mexican Academy of Orthodontics

- Venezuelan Society of Orthodontics

- Mexican Association of Orthodontics

Dr Ilies profile.png
Dr. Ilies Tibaoui

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr Ilies Tibaoui is an Algerian Orthodontist and has his private
practice with his wife in Algiers,
Algeria. He specializes in teaching
Aesthetics and beauty for
orthodontists, the Pitts Protocol,
blending extra radicular TAD’s with
PSL for complex cases, Digital Smile
Design, Emotional Dentistry and

Dr. Michael McLaughlin

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. McLaughlin was raised in Southern California, but has been creating beautiful, healthy smiles in Flagstaff, AZ for over 30 years. He’s also a Board Certified Orthodontist and help teach with Dr. Tom Pitts at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

FB Profile Pic.jpg
Dr. Federico Nappa

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Federico Nappa is a specialist in orthodontics and functional orthopedics of the maxillary. He is the author of several passive self-ligating system books. Dr. Nappa is one of the Key Opinion Leaders for OC and an international speaker on the philosophy of Pitts21.

Dr. Alfredo Nappa

OC Ambassador Mentor

Dr. Alfredo Nappa is a specialist in orthodontics and functional orthopedics of the maxillary. He is the author of 4 passive self-ligating system books. Dr. Nappa is one of the Key Opinion Leaders for OC and an international speaker on the philosophy of Pitts21.

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