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eBay Counterfeit Product

It has been brought to our attention that fake OC product is being sold on websites like eBay. We are working diligently to have these inferior fakes removed, but it is important to know that OC Orthodontics/Ortho Classic and its distribution partners do not sell any product on eBay. Any and all product sold on that site is counterfeit and low quality.

OC Orthodontics is focused on providing the orthodontic community with the tools and education needed to build and maintain thriving practices that exceed clinical and practice management goals.

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New Product Release
Archwire Seating Instrument
Part Number: 246.1002

Used To Fully Seat The Archwire Into The Archwire Slot

The Archwire Seating Instrument is the perfect tool for fully seating and de-torque larger cross-section archwires like .019” x .019” and .020” x .020”. The tool also simplifies the installation of archwires with smaller cross-sections and more resilient materials like Nickel-Titanium. The ligating door on the Pitts21 or Clear21 brackets are easily closed once the archwire is fully seated into the archwire slot. 

ASI - Tip 2.jpg

New Product Release
H4/Pitts21 Opening Instrument

Part Number: 946.1001

The H4/Pitts21 Opening Instrument has been specifically designed to help open stubborn doors that have become stuck shut due to plaque build-up and poor hygiene.

H4 P21 Opening Instrument Tip 2.jpg

New Product Release
Orthodontic Debonding Instrument
Part Number: 533-0400

Quality construction and design allow for easy removal of bonded brackets without patient discomfort. Precision diamond-honed edges work on all types of brackets including the Clear21. The tip width is 4.6mm.

Clear21 Debond Tool Close Up.jpg

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