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New Product Release
Archwire Seating Instrument
Part Number: 246.1002

Used To Fully Seat The Archwire Into The Archwire Slot

The Archwire Seating Instrument is the perfect tool for fully seating and de-torque larger cross-section archwires like .019” x .019” and .020” x .020”. The tool also simplifies the installation of archwires with smaller cross-sections and more resilient materials like Nickel-Titanium. The ligating door on the Pitts21 or Clear21 brackets are easily closed once the archwire is fully seated into the archwire slot. 

New Product Release
H4/Pitts21 Opening Instrument

Part Number: 946.1001

The H4/Pitts21 Opening Instrument has been specifically designed to help open stubborn doors that have become stuck shut due to plaque build-up and poor hygiene.

New Product Release
Orthodontic Debonding Instrument
Part Number: 533-0400

Quality construction and design allow for easy removal of bonded brackets without patient discomfort. Precision diamond-honed edges work on all types of brackets including the Clear21. The tip width is 4.6mm.

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