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Photo Courtesy of Dr. Lili Ivashkevich

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The Revolutionary


Bracket System

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The H4 System delivers consistent results using revolutionary self-ligating bracket technology. OC’s unique manufacturing process ensures that H4 aims to provide the tightest tolerances in the industry at +/- .001 versus +/- .003, which is 3x more accurate than our competitors. Add in a reduced slot depth of .026 and you have the tools you need to finish with the best, delivering stunning smiles in significantly shorter treatment time.

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Integrated Hooks

An available option on the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s for your convenience at no extra charge.

Smooth, Rounded Edges

Ensures that your patients have the most comfortable experience.

.026 Precision Slot Depth

The reduced slot depth is designed to provide a tighter pairing between the wire and the bracket leading to earlier engagement, improved torque, and better control. 

Unique Ligation System

Designed for enhanced structural stability. The unique sliding door creates a fourth wall for improved 4 point rotational and torque control.

Generous Under Tie-Wing Area

Supports early elastics, ligatures, metal ligatures, and power chains.

New H4 Base - Mask.png

Base Lock Plus

One piece base/bracket creates an optimum pad-to-tooth fit and bond strength meaning fewer broken brackets and fewer debonding issues. 

Powerful benefits

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Designed to Reduce Treatment Tim

The tighter tolerances and reduced slot depth on the H4 system increase your control and reduce your overall treatment time.

Less Chair Time

The H4 SL systems mean fewer wires, fewer wire changes, and significantly reduced wire bending. 

Simple to Learn

H4 is a single prescription system meaning simplified processes for you and your team.

H4 Tool

The H4 Tool is an excellent opening and closing instrument for all Pitts21 brackets. The sloped tip provides a comfortable angle for opening and closing bracket doors.

H4 Tool.png
H4 Tool Large.png
H4 Tool Close.png

To Open

H4 Tool Open.png

Stunning Smiles in

Less Time

H4 Prescription Chart

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New H4 Brochure Cover.jpg

Download the Brochure

For more information about the H4 system, download the digital brochure. Click on the image or the button below to view and download.

What Doctors are Saying about H4

46644 - Small.jpg

Dr. David Herman

Four Corners Orthodontics

& Dental

The H4 system has made
me more confident in promising wide beautiful smiles without extractions to patients
who have severe problems with crowding and or occulsion.

43459 - Small.jpg

Dr. Duncan Brown

Smile Zone Orthodontics

The precision of H4 appliance has dramatically improved case
management control, the quality of the final result, and efficiency of my practice.


Dr. Jeff Haskins

Village Orthodontics

This ‘Single Prescription
Inventory’ approach keeps the bottom line for supplies under control.

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