Pitts 21



Pitts 21 Bracket


Pitts 21 Self-Ligating System


  • First and only self-ligating system that provides 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.
  • Revolutionary square wire finishing uses 30-40% lighter forces* with greater control, comfort, and sliding mechanics.
  • Progressive slot provides an intelligent balance of control and freedom of movement.
  • Predictable finishes in as few as 4 wires.


As Few as Four Wires From Start to Finish

With the Pitts 21 system you will use as few as four wires from start to finish. Fewer wires means fewer appointments for your patients, saving you time and money.

Phase Initial Working Finishing Optional Archwires
Wire .014
Thermal Activated Nickel Titanium
.018 x .018
Ultra-Soft Thermal Activated Nickel Titanium
0.20 x .020
Thermal Activated Nickel Titanium
.020 x .020
Beta Titanium
.019 x .019
Stainless Steel
.020 x .020
Stainless Steel
Extraction Cases Extra Width

Square Wire Finishing





Tip Control


On the social six, Pitts 21 catches a couple 64% sooner than most rectangular system, while also reducing play by 70%. This provides you with precise 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.

Slot depth, from buccal to lingual

Slot Depth

Progressive Slot Depth Delivers 3D Control

The patent pending Pitts 21 system progressively varies the slot from square in the anterior to rectangular in the posterior portion of the arch. This provides exceptional control of the anterior teeth while allowing for increased freedom of movement on the posterior teeth.

Pitts 21 Outperforms Rectangular Wire Treatment

In the chart below you can see the impact of Pitts 21. Pitts 21 catches a couple sooner when compared to a rectangular archwire system. In addition to catching a couple sooner and finishing in as few as 4 wires, Pitts 21 delivers more precise 3D movement while using lighter forces than other rectangular systems. A quicker couple, with decisive control - Pitts 21.


Phase Initial Working Finishing
Wire .014
Nickel Titanium
.018 x .018
Nickel Titanium
0.20 x .020
Nickel Titanium
.020 x .020
Torque No Control 51% Sooner 70% Sooner 62% Sooner
Rotation 47% with one less wire Same 65% Sooner 65% Sooner
Tip 11% with one less wire 55% Sooner 74% Sooner `66% Sooner
In addition to catching a couple sooner, Pitts 21 also delivers more precise and accurate 3D movement than other rectangular brackets. A quicker couple, with decisive control - Pitts 21.

Delivers 3D Control for Fast and More Precise Finishes

“I had the opportunity to test the Pitts 21 bracket system, which included the recommended archwire sequence. I was amazed in what I experienced which included faster and greater control with both rotation and torque and with lighter forces. Even though the sample size was limited, based upon what I experienced, I believe Pitts 21 is a powerful precision appliance system with previously unknown control.“

James Morrish D.D.S. 

Morrish Stewart Orthodontics


"As a practicing orthodontist and as a Pitts 21 patient, I can see firsthand the advantages of a square bracket slot. The control, speed and torque control were vastly superior as compared to my mini-twin bracket patients.”

Dr. Jeff Haskins D.D.S., M.S., P.C.

Village Orthodontics



Thomas Pitts D.D.S., M.S.D.

Dr. Tom Pitts is a world renowned lecturer and clinician. He is highly recognized for his continued teaching of orthodontic finishing and clinical excellence. Dr. Pitts teaches at the UNLV orthodontic department and is the founder of the well-respected Pitts Progressive Study Club and Pitts Masters’ in Finishing 2 year continuum..

* Horizontal and vertical forces; compared to rectangular systems