H4 Braces Make Getting Braces Less Stressful

Moms are busy. It seems there is always “one more thing to do.”


As Mom, you are constantly juggling everything that needs to be done for your family. Now, your child is getting braces; that only adds one more thing to your full calendar, right?  Not necessarily.  If you choose an orthodontist who uses the H4 Braces System, not only is your orthodontist the most advanced technology, you may also save yourself some time compared to older technology.

Designed for Faster Results

Treatment time with traditional braces can take, up to four months longer than treatment with H4 braces.  Not only does this mean that your child will have their braces removed sooner, it could also mean fewer trips to the orthodontist.  Put simply, H4 will save you time. 

More Comfortable

Designed with smooth, rounded edges on the brackets, the H4 braces makes getting braces much more comfortable for you and your child.

Traditional braces require tightening and band repositioning, to pull on teeth and move them. People who wear dental braces typically have a sore mouth from tightening. Even more, it often lasts for up to a week following each tightening treatment. Additionally, the sharp edges of conventional braces can cause abrasions to the tongue and lips. This results in missed school, missed work for mom, and the general stress that comes from seeing your child in pain.

Easier Cleaning

The H4 Self-Ligating brackets are designed to make oral hygiene with braces easier.

The Less Stress Method of Getting Braces

In this hectic day and age, there is no need to add additional stress to your life if your child is getting braces.  Choose an orthodontist who is using the H4 braces.