Debunking Dental Braces Myths

Anyone who wore braces in the past few decades, remembers the discomfort and hassles of braces.

Girl with Braces

Anyone who wore dental braces in the past few decades will likely remember the discomfort, the sharpness of the wires, the cut lips, and the elastic bands. Perhaps the only good thing about the bracket appointments was missing school!  Although wearing braces was worth it in the end, you would like to minimize any discomfort your child experiences while they are wearing braces. Thankfully, due to advancements in technology, the braces of today overcome many of the hassles you remember.   Let’s debunk the myths of braces.

Myth #1:  Braces Are Really Uncomfortable

H4 braces are designed with smooth, rounded edges to improve patient comfort. What is more, H4 uses low-force friction movement to straighten the teeth with optimal control.  Third, with this system, elastic bands to hold the wire to the bracket are not required.  Lastly, many patients who wear H4 will not require other appliances like headgear or palate expanders to optimize their treatment.

Myth #2:  Braces Are Impossible to Clean

H4 braces have been designed with rounded contours to help with oral hygiene. Additionally, since H4 does not require elastic bands to hold the wire to the bracket, cleaning the teeth should be easier.

Myth #3:  Braces are Worn for A Really Long Time

While each treatment plan will vary, H4 braces have been designed to reduce the treatment time compared to traditional brackets. In fact, many patients who wear H4 can save up to 4 months.  Four months is a long time, especially in the life of a teenager.  Not only does this mean braces are removed sooner, it also means fewer appointments. 

Myth #4:  Before Getting Dental Braces, Many Teeth Are Extracted

With the H4 braces, extractions are not typically required.  Although in some cases extractions may be necessary, it is far less often than with traditional braces.  Not only does this avoid the pain and hassle of having teeth pulled, it also means that your child is more likely to have a fuller, more beautiful 12 tooth smile once their brackets are removed. 

The Facts

H4 braces have been designed to be more comfortable than the braces of the past, easier to clean, are less likely to require extractions, and can speed up the overall time with braces.  Ask your orthodontist if he or she will be treating your child with H4 at your consultation.